Cycling Majorca

Welcome to your ultimate guide to cycling in Majorca! Get ready to embark on an incredible cycling journey as we provide you with a wealth of information, advice, and guidance. Discover the best Majorca cycle routes that will take you through stunning landscapes and breathtaking coastal roads. Conquer challenging climbs that will test your endurance and reward you with magnificent views. Find cycling-friendly hotels that cater to your every need, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay. Explore bike hire options to suit your preferences and discover upcoming cycling events to join in on the excitement. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates to enhance your Majorca cycling experience. Get ready to pedal and explore Majorca like never before!

Why cycle in Majorca?

Majorca is one of the most popular cycling destinations in the world. It’s a cyclist’s paradise offering a great climate with mild winters, a well maintain road network, a great infrastructure with lots of cycling shops and bike hire companies. Majorca also offers dedicated cycling hotels with cycling centres offering services like secure bike storage, bike hire, repair and maintenance area. Finally, it’s the island’s terrain.

Majorca provides different routes to suit everyone’s fitness level with the Tramuntana Mountain Range dominating the west side of Majorca, being the most popular cycling area, offering a number of epic climbs for the cyclists. A lot of pro-cycling teams and pro-riders visit and use Majorca’s facilities year after year for pre-season training. Majorca is a cycling destination where you can share the same roads with some pro-riders and be able to compare your efforts against them.

Want to cycle Majorca?

Majorca is one of these cycling destinations that it appears to be on every cyclist’s bucket list and this guide will assist you to achieve this opportunity. It’s packed with information with everything you need to know in order to plan an amazing and affordable self guided Cycling Holiday or a BreakAway in Majorca and not only. We will let you know and give you detailed information on some of the most popular Majorca Epic Climbs and suggest to you Cycling Routes and Cycling Tours, to achieve the most out of your Cycling Holiday. We will offer you a comprehensive list of Cycling Friendly Hotels, classified with our own VeloStrive Rating and each one of these cycling hotels will be linked to the most popular Climbs and best Cycling Routes in the area. We will also offer you a list of local bike hire and cycle shops, close to your accommodation. Stay tuned and plan your hassle free Majorcan self-guided Cycle Holiday.

Sa Calobra Climb

Cycling Friendly Hotels Majorca

Experience some of the best cycling hotels Majorca has to offer. Our Cycling Hotel Guide features hotels and apartments that welcome cyclists, with the majority of those, providing cycling centres and facilities to please even the most demanding cyclist, offering bike hire, wash, light repair and maintenance area with bike specific tools, secure bike storage and cycling retail shops stocked with products from energy bars, gels to branded cycling Jerseys, helmets, water bottles and essential bike parts.

All featured hotels have been classified with our own VeloStrive Rating and also linked to the most popular climbs, cycling routes and nearest cycling shop. All of our hotels provide us with special upgrades and exclusive offers so visit our Cycling Special Offer Guide for up to date information on all current deals and exclusive offers.

Cycling Friendly Hotels Majorca!

Best Resort to stay in Majorca

Majorca can offer everything for an unforgettable cycling holiday. There is a great variety of accommodation available from dedicated cycling and sports hotels, busy resorts with great nightlife, beautiful beaches and attractions. It all depends of what you want to achieve. Majorca is suitable if you’re travelling just with friends for some cycling or with your club and team mates to get ready for all your summer events, or with your family for a relaxing holiday. The most popular resorts for all cyclists are the ones close by or with easy access to the Tramuntana Mountains. In the north-east of the island, you have resorts like Alcudia, Playa de Muro and Puerto Pollensa, popular to many pro-cyclists and hosts to many cycling events. All of them offer a great location with easy access to the most popular climbs and bike shops scatted everywhere. Further out to the east and a little less popular, is the resort of Can Picafort featuring just a few cycling hotels. All of the northern resorts are close to each other and are about an hour away from Palma’s International Airport.

The south western part of the island is also very popular with many cyclists. Resorts like the capital Palma and the beach resort of Playa de Palma are offering easy access to the mountains and the flatter rides and less popular climbs of Eastern Majorca. They both featuring a great number of cycling friendly hotels and bike hire shops and they are just minutes away from Palma’s International Airport. You can arrive and cycle at the same day if you’re staying in this area. Other resorts featuring cycling centres and cycling friendly hotels in the South West of Majorca are the smaller and quiet resorts of Cala Major, Cala Vinas, Portals Nous, the popular and busy resort of Palmanova and Santa Ponsa. To the east of the airport is El Arenal a busy beach resort with some affordable cycling accommodation options. If you prefer to be closer to the mountains then you should try Alaro and the surrounded area. Located near the centre of the island Alaro is offering a number of quaint, boutique accommodation, a direct access to the mountains and a complete cycling shop, offering not only bike hire, maintenance, cycling products and parts but also a superb cycle coffee shop visited by many cyclists on their way up to the mountains or on their way down from the mountains heading back to their hotels. Staying in these resorts you will definitely experience the real Majorca.

Prinsotel La Dorada Bike Storage

Majorca Epic Rides and Routes

Check-out some of the most popular Epic Rides and Routes in Majorca with our cycling route suggestions. We have created routes starting from the most popular cycling resort and hotels taking you around the most popular climbs. Experience Coll de sa Batalla and Sa Calobra from Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa, and visit the ever so popular Cap de Formentor. Try your luck with Coll del Soller and Puig Major from Playa de Palma or climb the lesser popular Puig de Randa and San Salvador from El Arenal or Calla Millor.

Discover the route profile, see the elevations and the route map, and download the GPX files to your Garmin.

Majorca Epic Rides and Routes!

When is the best time for cyclists to visit Mallorca?

You can visit and cycle around Majorca throughout the year, although the most popular cycling seasons are the ones, from February to May and September to October. February to May is considered to be the ‘high-season’ in cycling holiday terms. All the Bike Hire Shops, tour rides, cycling camps, cycling and triathlon events including cycling Hotels are operating during the two most popular periods but a few hotels, especially in the north are shutting down for the winter period at the end of October and re-open again around February time. During this time, the South of the island will be considered the best base for your cycling holiday. The Cosmopolitan Palma and Playa de Palma will be your best choice. Hotels and cycling shops offering bike hire in the area stay open year-round. For the bargain hunters this will be the best period as you can get some of the most expensive 5 star hotels with a 3 star price.

Although the weather during the winter months is a lot cooler you will not get the freezing feeling we experience when cycling here. The min temperature is around 6ºC while the max is around 14ºC.Rain can affect some of the climbs and make some descends difficult to handle to someone with less experience. At this time of the year, the temperatures in Mallorca are pleasant for exploring the countryside and go out cycling. With the skies above being clear or partly cloudy for 80% of the time, it's the perfect time for road bikers to enjoy the quiet lanes and roads.

During the Summer months weather can be very Hot with temperature reaching up to 40ºC, so the best time going out riding will be very early in the morning, which is the best time for me, or late afternoon. Don't try climbing any mountains at this time unless you have sun block and litres of water with you. In order to make the most out of your cycling experience in Majorca you should also take care of your clothing. Be aware that the Tramuntana Mountains can create their own micro-climate and you may find it's slightly cloudier and wetter there than in other parts of Mallorca so it is advisable always to pack with you arm and leg warmers or a windproof gilet or even a waterproof jacket.

Coll Dels Reis Bridge

Majorca Epic Climbs

Majorca is offering some Epic Climbs with the majority of them being around the Tramuntana mountain range, although you can still find some descent but less popular climbs at the east of the island. If you stay close to the mountains you will be able to cycle and climb all of the major climbs within a week. Majorca will offer you a few cat 1 climbs, lots of hairpin turns, breathtaking descends and scenery, with plenty of good weather and sunshine to enjoy them all.

Our guide to the most popular Epic Climbs in Majorca as featured in Strava and Map my Ride is full of information providing you everything you need to know and prepare you before the climb. You will be able to find out the climb profile, get all the elevation stats, climb gradients, routes, guides, tips and the nearest Cycling Friendly Hotels to each of the climb.

Majorca Epic Climbs!

Majorca Bike Hire

If you don’t want to pack, unpack and carry your own little treasure to Majorca and you are thinking of renting a bike while on your cycling holiday or training camp, VeloStrive has prepared a list of some of the best cycling shops and bike-hire companies in the island. Discover where these shops are located, which bikes do they offer, their pricing and delivering areas. Our list is there to save you time and money.

Majorca Bike Hire

breakthrough passage Coll dels Reis descent to sea

How to get there?

Majorca is easily reachable by air with many lowcost and scheduled airlines flying direct to Palma’s International Airport from all over Europe. Easyjet, Ryanair, Norwegian, Jet2, Thomas Cook, TUI, British Airways and Vueling, to mention a few, are offering direct flights from all major and regional UK airports. It is a popular and very competitive route with daily flights, which is great for us and you can get fares as low as £25pp during the low season and booking in advance. The best area to look for flights to Majorca is Skyscanner. Palma International airport is well linked to all major cycling resorts and it is located in the south of the island just on the outskirts of Palma. You can easily use the public buses to reach the Centre of Palma or the resorts of Playa de Palma and El Arenal. A single ticket will set you back just 5 Euros. For all other resorts you can pre-book shuttle transfers, private taxis and minibuses. Our preferred Transfers Company is Holiday Extras or Holiday Taxis. Both of our preferred transfer companies usually provide us with special discount codes so before you book visit our Cycling Special Offer Guide for up to date information on current discounts and exclusive offers.

VeloStrive has also teamed up with a couple of Car Hire companies offering some of the best deals available. It's great to have access to a car while on a cycling holiday and be able to explore potential new routes and climbs. Our preferred suppliers are Hertz UK, Europcar, Expedia Car Hire and Holiday Autos but before you book visit our Cycling Special Offer Guide for up to date information on current discounts and exclusive offers.

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