Barcelo Tenerife

Golf del Sur, Tenerife, Spain - Map Location


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The Barcelo Tenerife is one of a kind for the way it combines exclusive services and facilities with the natural and cultural heritage of its beautiful surroundings, located right on the seafront and in the heart of a volcanic landscape. Built and decorated under the inspiration of the shapes, colours and textures of its environment, the hotel blends into the landscape, reducing its environmental impact and maintaining its commitment to sustainable tourism. The Barcelo Tenerife hotel is 'Bike Friendly' — offering a space for all guests who are cycling enthusiasts to repair, wash and care for their bicycles. The hotel also offers bike hire.

At the Barcelo Tenerife, you’ll find everything you need to complete your cycling experience on the island of Tenerife. The resort provides optimal accommodations for amateur and pro cyclists who want to ride during their holiday, offering quality services focused on your well-being and bike care. Among the hotel’s amenities for cyclists, you can take advantage of a secured bike parking, a bike wash area, a fitness centre, a wellness centre, and massages, as well as bike rental services.

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Bike storage

Sports nutrition sale

Bike repair

Cycling Center

Fitness area

Free Wi-Fi

Free Shuttle to Playa Americas

8 Swimming pools


Athletes' menu

Bike rental

Bike wash

Spa and wellness centre


Road cycling routes


All Inclusive

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