THB El Cid

Playa de Palma, Majorca, Spain - Map Location


Hotel Highlights:

Great Cycling Centre

Adults Only

Sea Front Location

Spa Facilities


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Hotel THB El Cid - Adults Only, located in Playa de Palma (Majorca), is a modern 4 star hotel which located on the sea front in one of the most popular areas of the island. With superb facilities and services, THB El Cid is an excellent choice for an unforgettable cycling holiday. Playa de Palma has many cycling routes, suitable for all levels. Well, get on your bike and get to know the region while practicing your favorite sport.

THB El Cid has a bike garage where guests can both store their bikes, hire a bike including many cycling accessories essential to enjoy your cycling rides around the island. The bike centre also has laundry service, perfect to clean your cycling gear, ready for a new ride next day.

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Special Offers

Bike storage

Sports nutrition sale

Bike repair / tools

Cycling Center

Fitness area

Free Wi-Fi

Adults Only

Sea Views

Half Board Option

Athletes' menu

Bike rental

Bike wash

Road cycling routes


All Inlcusive Option



Tell us about the Hotel and your Cycling Experience.

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