Where can you travel and cycle hassle-free in Europe?

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Your first cycling holiday after lockdown

Your first cycling holiday after lockdown

Travel is back and there is plenty of summer still left to enjoy! But where can you travel and enjoy cycling without quarantining when you return? Or looking for inspiration of places you can visit and cycle right away? Then look no further, here are our top picks for your first cycling holiday after lockdown!


What is a travel corridor or Air Bridge?

A 'travel corridor' or an 'air bridge' is simply the name given to the ability to travel to and from a government approved list of countries without the need to quarantine for 14 days on your return. Here are the main countries that, from the 4th July, we can fly to and cycle hassle-free. These countries will let us in without requiring us to quarantine before we can go on our cycling holiday; and that we will not have to quarantine at home on our return, missing some vital cycling opportunities. So, if you live in England, you can travel and cycle to countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Malta & Italy without the need to quarantine, just don’t forget to pack your sun cream, mask and sanitiser.

Top of Sa Calobra image

Spain and The Canary Islands

Spain opened to European visitors from 21st June (including the UK), and plans to open to selected visitors from outside Europe from 1st July. It's our favourite cycling holiday destination, and top of our hassle-free list - no quarantine when you land, no quarantine when you get back, and plenty of flights available both ways!  Spain needs little introduction - whether you head to Majorca and ride the popular Sa Calobra, Tenerife for the hard El Teide climb or just fly to Malaga or Granada and try your luck at Sierra Nevada. There's a reason that cyclists love Spain!

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Image: Peter Sagan, Tour of Flanders


Belgium opened to holidaymakers from Europe in June, including the UK, and is now on the UK's no-quarantine list too.

Looking to ease back into travelling? Why not take a weekend break in Belgium and experience Flanders most challenging and impressive routes.

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Arrivals coming from countries that have imposed quarantine measures are required to self-isolate for fourteen days on arrival in France, but with France on the UK's non-quarantine list from 10th July we're free to visit once more. After all the Tour de France will start on the 29th August from the south as it returns to Nice.


Italy reopened to holidaymakers on 3rd June, with the exception of Sicily which opened on 7th June and Sardinia on 15th June. Now, it is also, on UK’s non-quarantine list too, and you may even find your favourites rides like Passo dello Stelvio, Passo di Mortirolo, Passo de Gavia, popular climbs from the Giro or Talana in Sardinia our favourite, a lot quieter than before.

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Image: Papigo climb in Northern Greece. Coffee break with a view


Greece is open and is expected to allow British tourists from 15th July, according to the latest statements from the Greek government. Apart from the lovely islands and superb beaches Greece can also offer you some serious cycling. Think resorts like Rhodes, featuring Greece’s first velodrome and host to some international cycling events, Crete with some great hilly rides especially for MTBers, Pindos National Park at the north of Greece where you can find some epic climbs, home to some of the highest settlements in Greece or Loutraki, an area just 80kms away from Athens and home to winter cycling training camps for some Dutch and Belgium teams. The area can offer Majorca’s experience and climbing with half the money.

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