Top 5 Climbs Mallorca

2019-01-25 Destination

Majorca is a cycling paradise for many of us and the main reasons pro-teams and amateur cyclists head to Majorca is the wide variety of terrain it offers, with great year-round weather and quiet and smooth roads. There are so many training camps, cycling in the sun holidays, winter cycling, but which climbs on this stunning island should you go for?
Our Top 5 Climbs in Majorca will help you plan your perfect experience. After all, some of us, will only have a few days away cycling and we need to make sure that we experience the best and most popular climbs.
So if you’re heading to Majorca this spring, here’s the climbs you shouldn’t miss, according to Strava.

Coll de Soller

Like most of the climbs on the island, the Coll de Soller is located deep in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. It leaves the town of Soller and ascends at a nice steady gradient of 5% for 10km, topping out at 497m above sea level.

Sa Calobra – Coll dels Reis

All cyclists know this segment simply as ‘Sa Calobra’. It’s the most popular climb on the island because of the numerous hairpin turns and the stunning scenery. With 668m of elevation, over 9.44kms of steady climbing and an average gradient of 7%, Coll dels Reis is not one for the faint-hearted.

Cap Formentor

The road to Cap Formentor from Pollensa was built by Antonio Parietti, the same engineer as the Sa Calobra road, so expect something almost as spectacular. It's not a technical climb at all but just a series of short inclines and descents. The element that makes the ride quite hard sometimes is the wind. Expect to see beautiful scenery with great views of the coastline and dramatic cliffs. It's one of the most popular spots to visit in Majorca and it gets very busy.

Puig Major

This climb is the second most popular in Majorca after Sa Calobra. Coming from Soller this segment is a long one... 14 km to be precise and that's the reason, this segment is pretty tough. The gradient is a steady 6% and it doesn't get too steep. Just a long way up... You start, nearly, at sea level and climbing for 850 metres all the way to the top up until the big tunnel.

Coll de sa Batalla

Ride north from the picturesque village of Selva and you’ll have to conquer the Coll de sa Batalla. It’s a really nice, steady 7.8km, 5% climb through the forests, and is a favourite place to haunt of pros. It's in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains in the north of Majorca and one of the two main ways into the mountains from the north-east. The Coll de sa Batalla is one of the most popular rides.

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