Cap de Formentor goes Car Free this Summer 2019

2019-06-18 Cycling Tips SHARE:

Cars will no longer be allowed to access the Cap de Formentor lighthouse between 15th June 2019 and 15th September 2019, as Formentor goes car free, to reduce long and frequent traffic jams.

Following last year’s closer, access to Cap de Formentor will again be restricted for cars and motorbikes this summer. The popular winding road that connects Formentor Beach and the Formentor lighthouse will be closed from 15th June to 15th September. During this period, cars and motorbikes will only be able to drive as far as Formentor beach during the hours of 10.00 am to 7.00 pm. The access will be limited to public transport, authorised vehicles (residents, workers, emergency, security forces) and cyclists. The route will be monitored by traffic cameras and other means, and a fine €200 will incur for any violations of the access ban.

Cyclists will be exempted from this restrictions and will be allowed to use the roads at any time. Those who want to visit the lighthouse with a car, and don't want to rely on the public transport or a shuttle bus, will have the option of visiting Cap de Formentor either very early in the day, before 10.00am or later in the evening after 7.00pm, as the roads will be open as normal, all other times. Both the sunrise as well as the sunset at the lighthouse are rather stunning and one, not to be missed!! This is due to the high volume of cars and buses and the long and frequent traffic jams that have been occurring in the area during high season for many years. Great news for cyclists as during peak times the road was so congested you just couldn't ride freely without any stops all the way to the lighthouse. Other areas that are highly affected by heavy traffic during the high season, are areas such as Sa Calobra, and the road to Lluc. If you're planning a ride to these areas, it is advisable to start your ride as early as possible. Well; you will not only avoid the traffic and your ride will be more enjoyable, but you will also avoid the heat of the day and the severity of the sun's rays. And don't forget to keep hydrated.

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