What does Google think about Cycling

2019-05-18 Cycling Tips SHARE:

Find out what Google’s auto-complete function gives you when you do some generic searches on cycling. A few amusing results there...

I’m always on Google looking for different work, social, health and of course cycling stuff and as Google auto-completes your searches, trying to think and help you with what you’re attempting to ask sometimes, the results can be quite unexpected. The auto-complete function is based on the most searched queries and terms at that given time, so one day I decided to play around and see what Google thinks or what cyclists have been asking about cycling. Google sometimes, can be your best friend, right, as it will answer your questions without laughing or moaning at you. Just think how many times you want to find out certain things, but you worry about asking your friends as they may laugh or make fun of you. Google, though, will not... so I did some basic cycling searches like what, how, where, that kind of stuff, just to see what people have searched and asked. You can really find out what’s really bothering us, cyclists. Well it was interesting, so have a look what Google was suggesting on a rainy Friday morning... Try it yourself and see if you get anything different or other funny auto-completes and if you do, just leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Where cyclists

A fairly reasonable question, someone will say, where should cyclists ride on the road? I’m sure this search is done from drivers that don’t give you an inch on the road. You know the ones... I suppose if you are new to cycling and you worry about the weather then you might ask where cyclists shelter in a storm. Or if you’re an Instagram addict posting constantly, you may also ask where to put your phone while on the bike cycling. There is always a chance for a selfie... Right;) But think, what about where do cyclists pee or where do cyclists put their balls. Obviously there must be a lot of interest on this sensitive area...

How cyclists

Well I suppose reduce air resistance or friction is an interesting subject to search, never the less we all want to go faster, but obviously I think there must be a lot of competition going through these club rides when you see a lot of people asking about doping and cheating. Be aware guys... The 'pee' question is still high on the list!!

What do cyclists

I suppose a lot of new cyclists come in to play here and there is a lot of interest about what to wear, eat, drink, or eat for breakfast. But another common question from new cyclists will be what to wear under your shorts? Pampers, will be a good one!!! Answering the 3rd option, what do cyclists need my answer will be peace and quiet on the road and a cold pint after a sportive or a hot Sunday club ride. Hands up who agrees...

What cycling

Shoes must be a very big issue for us cyclists. As far as I can see on Google’s suggestions, there is a bit of an uncertainty when it comes to cycling shoes. Do you agree?

Why cyclists

An interesting one! Ok about the Lycra. Leg shaving? Maybe a common question will be how far up you should shave your legs... Are you a leg shaver? But look at number 4... who will search Google why cyclists are annoying? Maybe that’s the truth, we might annoy a lot of people out there... more than you can ever imagine. So be careful guys and just stop talking about cycling all the time, well at least when you are not talking to a fellow cyclist. Ok? By the way, do you really hate stop signs?

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