Conquering the Antennas in Mijas

2018-09-12 Cycling Destinations SHARE:

Cycling in Costa Del Sol

Conquering the Antennas in Mijas, could be a challenge... Who said that tapas and cycling don't mix. Try a weekend in the popular Costa De Sol for some good nightlife and some really challenging rides like going up the Antennas in Mijas. With a 925m of elevation and an average 10% grade for the majority of the climb, nearly 20% towards the end, could easily earn you a gold pint of San Miguel...

Now we can offer you this ride with our suggested Costa del Sol tour. Ride the challenging Mijas Antennas climb and some of the La Vuelta 2018 segments.

Cycling and Tapas in Mijas

A 3 night BreakAway suggestion in Costa Del Sol.

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