Puig de Randa - South climb

Majorca, Spain Road

Puig de Randa coming from Cami Vell de Gracia is the longer, steeper and less popular climb to Puig de Randa. The reason is that the first part of this climb and up till the point you join the MA-5018, is quite difficult with a lot of hairpins and steep corners. After the monastery the road merges with the MA-5018 which is the main road coming from Randa. Its not a popular climb and the road is relatively small but the series of short hairpins makes it an interesting climb.

There is also a possibility to start your climb from the village of Randa, which is the easiest and most popular ride.

Kms - Distance

metres - Highest Elevetion

metres - Elevetion Gained

% - Average Grade

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